KININ: Organization formed by specialists in
Ergonomics and Occupational Health.
KININ has the knowledge and experience of years of work in different companies
productive, in state agencies for the development of regulations and also in bodies
responsible for the law of accidents and occupational diseases (mutual societies).

We are an organization with empathetic, perseverant, dedicated professionals,
integrators and creatives; understanding that changes and innovation in companies should
be a gradual work, increasingly participatory and widely informed.

For this reason current and future regulatory changes, make addressing issues in which we
offer advice and support not only become a legal compliance, but rather that constitute a
competitive advantage for your company.

In KININ we differentiate ourselves from our service of excellence, delivering:

1. Commitment
2. Quality
3. Professionalism in our daily work.

The services that KININ establishes in its commercial platform are:

  •  Surveys of current regulations (TMERT, MMC, PLANESI, PREXOR,
  • Psychosocial, UV radiation, etc.)
  • Studies of jobs (EPT).Training with topics such as:
  •  Prevention of occupational hazards.
  •  Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.
  •  Ergonomics at work.
  • Legal regulations in force.
  • First aid and CPR.
  • Also Healthy life.

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