Active breaks

Prevents Labor Diseases with Active Pauses

The Healthy Living Program is created by our team to help and prevent all types of
occupational diseases through Active Pauses such as:

 Tendinitis
 Lumbago.
 Stress.
 Cervicalgias
 Hearing loss
 Also Articular Pain.
 Etc.

As a result, we can assure you that the execution of our Life Programs
Healthy improve productivity and the work climate, generating a surprising
positive evolution both in the worker, as well as in the company.

Therefore, each of the activities is carried out by highly trained professionals, allowing to obtain
the best performance of each worker.

Our healthy life program has:

 Pause Gymnastics
 Massage therapy in the field
 Clinical evaluations in the field (nutritional, kinesthetic and / or medical)
 Also Training on issues related to the prevention of risks and health of the worker.

We deliver a better quality of life to each of your workers.



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