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KININ is an organization formed by specialists in Ergonomics, Safety and Occupational Health

We have the knowledge and experience of more than 10 years of work in different productive companies, in state agencies for the development of regulations and in administrative agencies of the law on accidents and occupational diseases.


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Training on topics related to Ergonomics and Occupational Health (such as: first aid, prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, healthy living, TMERT, MMC, etc.).

Healthy Living Programs

Execution of massages in the field, work and / or office. Taking healthy breaks.

Workplace Studies (EPT)

Execution of evaluation of different jobs, together with the analysis of this and delivery of possible improvements to avoid injuries to the worker.

Lifting of Current Regulations

We carry out evaluations and implementations of various regulations of the Chilean Ministry of Health (TMERT, MMC, etc.).

Fit Tests for Respiratory Protection Masks (PORTACOUNT)

Respiratory protection mask fit review, along with delivery of improvements.

Physical and Functional Rehabilitation

Performance of kinesic treatments for workers with musculoskeletal problems.



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Valparaíso Area, Chile